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About Us

Kevin and Samantha

As the new owners of Amazon Drygoods, we would like to welcome you to our store.  As reenactors for over 30 years, we know the value of quality historical goods.  Our goal is to continue the legacy that Amazon Drygoods has earned over the years. 

Janet Burgess started Amazon Drygoods from her kitchen table in 1983.  Over the years the business grew into the premier supplier it is today.  In November of 2010 Samantha, calling Amazon to order a pattern, learned that the business was for sale.  After much cajoling and arm-twisting, Samantha persuaded Kevin that Amazon Drygoods was a worthwhile venture.  We acquired Amazon Drygoods in August of 2011, and moved the business from Davenport, Iowa to Osgood, Indiana.  Our warehouse is currently located in a historic home built in 1822.

We also have the Amazon Drygoods Collars and Cuffs business, which was a partnership between Janet Burgess and Eric Brookhart.  They purchased the old presses, dies, etc. from the Gibson Lee Collar Company, the successor to The Reversible Collar Company of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our collar press is one of the original Reversible Collar Companys' presses from the 1860's.

We look forward to serving you,

Kevin & Samantha Hickle